The Office of the Electoral Commission (OEC) is working together with the National University of Samoa’s Student Association (NUSSA) in electing new officials for the upcoming school year 2018.

The partnership is the first of its kind and it’s a move applauded by both the OEC and N.U.S.
OEC and NUSSA are running the nomination for the NUSSA board election together under a new structure with professional expertise from the Electoral Commissioners Office themselves.

“This year will be different for the NUSSA’s election for there will be some changes in how the students vote for the board,” says Makereta Vaaelua of OEC.

“There will be no more raising and counting hands done but this time will be professional like how the main voting for the parliament’s election is carried out,” she added.

The goal is to familiarize the students in how to vote for the national election and to understand it before they actually turn twenty-one and have the right to vote.

This is the benefit for N.U.S as a significant part of the voters in elections happen to youth and for those educated in the university it’s a must to know what to do when they head into the polls.

The nomination is being processed within two weeks for all faculties before the voting and election.

The president of NUSSA, Alex Meafou acknowledged the support from OEC for promoting their work.

They will officially announce the board members of the NUSSA in the final week of October.

“I’m just proud that the new idea has good timing as we will be welcoming the Media and Journalism Programme to their specific chair on the board,” says Meafou.

The Media and Journalism Programme has appointed a member as a special representative within NUSSA handling all media activities for the reigning NUSSA board.

Meafou says this is a huge improvement for NUSSA and the students of the National University of Samoa in their role of student support.

*Talaia Mika is a first year student of the Media and Journalism Programme and is the appointed member of the programme to NUSSA.