The Faculty of Education of the National University of Samoa (N.U.S) has elected Joseph Ulberg as their new Faculty President for the 2017 school year.

Ulberg was elected amongst five other nominees who were selected by students of the Faculty.

“I will work hard on improving our faculty and putting all my effort into it and for its betterment,” said Ulberg.

Mr. Ulberg will be accompanied by his new secretary sister Filomena Tanuvasa.

“We aim to make a lot of good changes for the faculty for 2017,” she said.

The elections were held on Friday last week, and the winners would be the representatives from each faculty in the elections for the President and board for the National university of Samoa’s Student Association or N.U.S.S.A.

*Ranee Manoo is a first year student of the National University of Samoa under its Media and Journalism Program.