The National University of Samoa has officially launched their Bachelor of Arts, major in Media studies, and it’s dubbed a step higher for Samoan journalism by the Vice Chancellor of the University 

Before the Bachelor programme was in the works, a Diploma in Media and Journalism programme had been offered.

This year N.U.S. is celebrating another milestone in moving forward with pushing higher education in all areas.

“This is great news for our local journalists because now they can elevate to a higher plane of their profession,” said N.U.S. Vice Chancellor and President Fui Leapai Lau Asofou So’o.

“This is why our Media and Communication department has been working hard to make this a reality,” he added.

The B.A. programme had been in the talks for more than two years with overseas experts taking part in the development with the Media and Communication Department.

The celebration came timely with the launch of the Media and Journalism programme’s news website

“This website will be the main source for student’s publication and a news source not only within N.U.S. but nationally and internationally,” said the V.C.

The N.U.S. Bachelor and Diploma programmes are now available for selection come enrolment week starting January 29, 2018.