New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has vowed her commitment to the pacific in their fight against Climate Change.

Her comments were made during a meeting with students of the National University of Samoa at le Papaigalagala.

“I tell you, I will fight for the pacific in international stages to ensure that your voices are not gone unheard,” said Ardern when asked about her stance on climate change.

Students engaged with the Prime Minister regarding issues pertaining to youth, climate change and gender.

“Samoa has very little contribution to the pollution in the region compared to other countries,” she said.

She believe it’s must for all islands to starts small, including investing in electric cars.

“Because all cars use petrol and diesel, and those are the other factors contribute to pollution in the air,” she added.

She says Samoa and New Zealand’s partnerships are ideal for the development of the region especially in targeting issues such as climate change.

The vice chancellor thanked the prime minister and her cabinet for visiting N.U.S especially her commitment to fighting climate change.