The Faculty of Business and Entrepreneurship (F.O.B.E) continue to produce young leaders for the Nationa University of Samoa Student Association (N.U.S.S.A).

Another student from F.O.B.E Jerry Matamu has been appointed The National University of Samoa Student Association president.

He takes over from the outgoing president, Alexandra Torah Meafou who studies under the same faculty.

The N.U.S.S.A board officially welcomed the new president following the election last week.

Mr. Meafou congratulated the new president, and welcomed him on behalf of the board of N.U.S.S.A.

"I am very happy that I have achieved many good things while being a president of N.U.S.S.A, and today I' pass the torch to my successor," said Meafou.

"Jerry, you will take over this position, and from now on, everything I have done as a president, it ends today and will be his responsibility. I encourage him and also believe that he will continue to do better as it is, for the University and also for N.U.S.S.A," she added.

This year is the first year implementation of election results from a electorla partnership between N.U.S.S.A and the Office of the Electoral Commission (O.E.C). The O.E.C introduced to N.U.S a standardized ballot voting system that mimics the National Voting ballot as a hope to encourage University Students to vote by way of engaging them in this miniscule voting platform.

The NUSSA elects its new executive every year.