The Honorable Prime Minister, Tuila’epa Sailele Malieleagaoi has officially opened the forum of  Dialogue on Science and Science Policy in the Pacific Region. 


“It is an honor for Samoa to host the regional dialogue on Science and Science Policy advice. As well as the implementation of the sustainable development goals, through the regional office of UNESCO, partnered institutions and academia” he expressed. 


The two-day forum aims to produce dialogue around the needs and options for bridging the gaps between science, technology and innovation (ST&I) systems and policy-makers in the Pacific SIDS, with a particular focus on the framework of the SDG’s and the UNESCO’s SIDS Action Plan. 


Tuila’epa says the workshop is a timely exercise for Samoa, given the fact that Samoa is struggling to connect the gap between Science, Technology, Innovation and Public Policy.


“We lack the basics of having adequate personnel to teach science and mathematics in our schools,” he said.


This forum is a regional first for small islands development. It’s outcome will be shared with organizers and sponsors who will provide this forum with policy makers, practitioners, and national academics. 


“The significant impact of climate change on small islands in the Pacific, can only be understood and addressed through science policy making. Science, technology, and innovation are effective tools to build our cities through natural disasters and risks,” he added.


“It is a fact that is a must for all small islands, Samoa included, to consolidate science technology, innovation policy, and science advice, if we are to achieve sustainable development,” Tuila’epa says. 


“I wish you all a successful dialogue through this, and looking toward your outcome of the meeting. i know declare this science and science policy dialogue forum open” Tuila’epa declared. 


The conference ends tomorrow.

The electoral commissioner for Samoa, says constituency boundaries is one of the key reasons behind the struggle of the electoral system come election time.

 “The current status of our electoral boundaries have contributed to some of the issues we have in our electoral system and process,” says Faimalomatumua Matthew Lemisio.

 The four day conference held at Tanoa Tusitala Hotel is to explore issues and challenges the electoral system continuously faces every election but also to raise awareness and possible changes for its development.


Former Member of Parliament from the Tautua Samoa party, Afualo Dr. Wood Salele says the taxation of Pastors is unnecessary and parliament should not go through with it.

 He believes that the pastors are chosen servant of God, and that Pastors incomes are not considered salaries but instead are called gifts.

Afualo Dr. Wood Salele, a longstanding servant of the Methodist Church of Samoa had an academic presentation about the taxation of Faifeau or pastors whether it is necessary or not.