An Information Communication Technology Expert from the National University of Samoa (N.U.S.) says drones can help Samoa become a safer and more secure place for everyone.

Mrs. Tara Patu-Fritz says drones are not only used for businesses and company purposes but also for security at homes and in the community.

“Drones can track subjects in no time. It has an active tracker that tracks every object”, says Mrs. Patu-Fritz.

She says drones are ideal for surveillance and tracking.

“A lot of prisoners have been escaping from Tafaigata prison and are on the run. Drones can help find them as soon as possible,” she added.

Tara did not stop at the use of drones by authority she also mention that it could also be use for the surveillance of the home.

“It’s perfect for parents who need to watch over their young children. You will be able to know where your children are and if they’re safe,” says Patu-Fritz.

“Drones plays an important role in our society today by securing our people and making sure our country is safe to,” she added.

Her comments were made during a seminar on pushing Information Communication Technology for Development and are part of a series of seminars highlighting the influence of technology in everyday life.

Privacy however was questioned during the seminar, and Patu-Fritz says this is where the law comes in.

Drones are included in equipment that communicates through broadband signals within the spectrum in Samoa. This is why every person who owns one needs to register under the Office of the Regulator in order for it to be used legally.

*Vaelei Von Dinklage is a first year Media and Journalism student of the National University of Samoa.